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Fast growing markets in hair care

The analysis of the five of the latest growing markets in hair care, together with relevant information for business development will be discussed in this talk.

Social evolution of hair damage. Do we punish (damage) hair more today?

Nowadays, consumers often change the style, shape, and color of hair. In fact, hair is totally linked with the concept of beauty, representing one's personality, phases of life and identity, and also fashion and trends. Unfortunately, the continuous changes and manipulation of the hair fibers yield significant negative consequences, as they alter their structure and incur deep damage. Studying these damaging factors is vital nowadays.

Scalp microbiome and bacterial communication

Microbes talk to each other, through a communication system called Quorum Sensing. This system is behind the health of our scalp and skin microbiome. Under specific conditions on the scalp and skin, such as presence of sebum, microbes (bacteria and fungi) communicate with each other to grow, reproduce and become virulent, which in the end causes dandruff and other scalp and skin conditions. But what if we could hack this microbial communication systems, to avoid the attack of this scalp-harmful microorganisms?

Alopecia linked to stress, myth or reality?

We analyze the evidence of the causal relationship stress and alopecia with emphasis on the modulation of substance P as the main axis of the connection or brain-follicle axis.

Lipid role on brown-to-white hair transition

Knowledge of hair’s properties has usually been related to the hair’s protein fraction. However, recently the importance of the lipid part of the hair fibre has become apparent. During age‐related loss of colour, the lipid composition of hair may also be altered at the same time that its melanin content decreases, which may lead to a modification of the fibre properties. This talk will focus on the study performed to determine the lipid profile of brown and white Caucasian hair fibres and the effects of lipids on the properties of fibres.

Potential applications of a biosurfactant extract obtained from corn milling industry in the hair industry

In this talk, a cost competitive biosurfactant extract obtained from a residual stream of corn milling industry is presented. The extract, spontaneously fermented by lactic acid bacteria, as well as by other bacilli strains, composed by lipopeptides, phenolic compounds and other complex fatty acids presents interesting properties for cosmetic and personal care formulations.

Production of human synthetic proteins in plants for hair strengthening

Most of the disorders involved in a decrease or interruption of follicular development are caused by alterations in the cyclic process of hair growth. This biotechnological innovation lies not only in obtaining a hair care product that brings together growth factors and human proteins but in the method of expression and production from plants.

New emolients for sensory modification

The continuous changes and damages of the hair fibres due to constant external aggressions and by hair manipulations, makes necessary to find news ingredients which provide emmolience, film and substantivity to protect and regenerate the hair fibers. Sensoveil Soft is a new ingredient and a good solution to regenerate the fiber of all types of hair.

Small Smart Peptides

NaturePep® Amaranth is a multi-functional natural peptide that is clinically proven to increase the diameter of individual fibers from the inside for fuller hair, reduce friction to improve bounce and hair movement, add gloss and shine for healthier looking hair, help improve manageability and prevent damage from mechanical stress.

Ethnic types of hair and their cosmetic needs

Hair type differences are determined by genetics and have evolved in different regions around the globe to give the best coverage. Each type of hair has distinct features and the knowledge of their properties and behavior are important to develop targeted products, considering trends, cosmetic preferences, and cultural hair care habits.

Synchrotron radiation applied to hair research

ALBA Synchrotron is a particle accelerator that produces synchrotron light, ranging from infrared up to X-rays, which is trillions of times brighter than conventional sources. It is powerful tool for the characterization of a wide diversity of materials and processes at atomic level. In this talk, its applications to the hair studies as well as hair cosmetics will be shown.

Active Delivery Systems in Hair-Care: Opportunities and Challenges

Research towards silicone-free and more natural products: Many products have been developed lately, however the most of them are not as performant as silicon-based ones. At Infinitec labs, NOSILFIX technology, a natural-based and silicon-free, active delivery system for hair care has been developed. NOSILFIX creates a lightweight, invisible film on hair fibers protecting them from external damages, while silica particles progressively release the loaded active(s).

The importance of hair lipid care

Lipids are part of the intercellular complex between the cortex, the cuticle and the medulla forming a barrier that protects hair internal structures from environmental aggressions. Hair lipid content is related to maintenance of hydration and it is responsible of keeping the cuticles closed, preserving the integrity of the hair fibers and promoting brightness and balanced natural healthy hair. Thus, to provide integral hair care, it is necessary to develop products considering not only the protein nature of the hair, but also the lipid one.

Hair analysis by means of polarized light

Birefringence is an optical property of those materials that have a refractive index that depends on the polarization and propagation direction of light. Crystals with non-cubic crystal structures are often birefringent, as well as plastics under mechanical stress. In the case of hair, the main component is keratin, which shows birefringence due to the semicrystalline, α-helical intermediate filament proteins (IF). In this study, we determined the thermal protector properties of a commercial product using this property.

Using mechanical testing to probe hair’s inner structure – Streaming

The remarkable, complex structure of hair is progressively compromised by a variety of insults relating to everyday habits and maintenance practices. High magnification Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) is frequently performed to visualize this breakdown of the surface cuticle; but there is no easy way to see internal changes within the cortex. This presentation will how a combination of various mechanical testing techniques, which themselves can performed under a variety of environmental conditions, provides a comprehensive means for probing unseen regions of the hair structure.

Hair bleaching: a general overview

This talk will focus on the chemistry behind bleaching. We will explore what are bleaching powders and pastes, how they work, how to use them and the current trends and the foreseeable future of the Cinderella of the hair colour industry.

Global trends in hair care

For thousands of years the human being has manipulated the hair for aesthetic reasons. When we meet someone, the first thing we look at is in their hair and clothing. Hair influences our personality, our environment and even our habits. Hair gives us security, rejuvenates and beautifies us. Hair has always been a symbol of social classes. We are in a hipster, restless, creative world that turns opportunities into trends and trends into needs. Society, geography, age, environment, origin, diversity, practicality, and customization are vectors that influence hair care trends. With our eyes fixed on the future of the planet, hair cosmetics become aware of itself in order to improve steadily, without stopping.

Hair dyeing: systems, new applications and challenges

This talk will focus on hair dyeing oxidation, physical and chemical mechanisms, type of formulations, possible adverse allergic reactions and legal packaging specifications.

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